Granite is one of the most loved and preferred stones used by construction companies to decorate kitchens and other parts of a home. They not only look elegant but are also durable and have many more benefits if compared to other natural stones. Despite the promise of high quality that granite comes with, it still requires some sort of maintenance to stay as new as it was when you bought it.

Though, there are many natural granite countertops care tips that a natural stone supplier will alarm you about. There are few efforts that you can do from your side to make sure the countertop is away from any chance of damage, they include:

  • Daily Care

Surprising but true, if you care for the countertop on a regular basis then there is not much to worry about in long term. All you need to do is get an antibacterial detergent and spill few drops around the top. Then take a soft cloth to spread, rub and clean it along the dirty spots. Lastly, do not forget to rinse the surface completely to get rid of the water and then wipe the rest with a dry cloth.

  • Special Care

This is generally required when the granite surface has been neglected for quite a while. It is possible that the countertop has concentrates of dirt, grim and grease all over it. You will need heavy-duty stone and degreaser to get away from this froth from the granite top. This product is made for deep cleaning purpose specifically. No need to worry because it will not damage the shine or luster of the granite, provided that you follow the instructions of the manufacturer properly.

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