Granite and stone slabs are popular materials for kitchen countertops. Before buying granite countertops, it is necessary to pay close attention to details like colour, edges and thickness, which would play a big role in determine the quality and price of the stone.

A kitchen counter top determines the beauty of your dinning space. However, beauty is not the only thing that people consider while investing in a counter top. Sufficient attention is paid to other factors like durability and cost effectiveness.  Home owners always aim at the best combination of all these three factors. Granite countertops and stone slabs not only look beautiful, but are durable too.

Before you choose one for your kitchen, consider some important aspects while finalising your choice:


Granite kitchen countertops are available in various colours. Black happens to be the traditional choice, as it gives the kitchen a very elegant, polished and premium look. Some people also opt for light grey and deep green colours which make a small space look big. Besides colour, you can choose the veins and the freckles that you would like to have in your countertop.


Like any stone, you can specify the type of edges you would like for your kitchen tops. Straight and curved edges are the standard choice as they are easy to make and gives a very elegant look to the kitchen. Some people choose fancy edges that make the look of counter top outstanding.


Granite is an extremely durable stain resistant material. The thickness of the slab is directly proportional to its longevity.  They usually come in 2 and 3 cm thickness.

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