Natural stone tiles of China are highly popular in Asia and Eastern Europe. The products by Xiamen Marble granite are considered to be of top quality and durability. One of the top stone suppliers of China, the company offers a plethora of designs and also customizes orders for various occasions.


The natural stone tiles of China– whether used in the interiors or outside- make for a wonderful decor. Here are some best ideas for interior stone wall claddings:


Kitchen: Stone wall claddings can be used as a plush backsplash, which provides a rustic look to the kitchen environs.


Bathroom: A conventional natural stone tile from China may not suit the sophisticated design of a bathroom. However, a more refined stone wall panel, polished in a different shade of steel or grey could complement the sleek interiors.


Some of the other places where stone claddings can be used include the entrance, the bedroom, the garage exteriors, around the fire place, in the lounge, the patio, etc. Some people also use it in stone furniture.