For both new homes and renovated homes, China granite and marble have grown in popularity. Granite is a preferred choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops while marble is best for floors and patios. Although marble is white but patterns on the marble may be drawn to make it unique. Granite creates really beautiful countertops as it is available in various shades, textures and colors. With so many options in colors, your own taste would certainly be satisfied.

The durability of both China marble and granite is unbeatable. Unlike Formica, they are not prone to burning by pans and pots. This is truer with granite.

China Granite for Countertops

  • Among all the materials for countertops, granite is the most durable.
  • It is resistant to discoloration and staining. However, it needs to be sealed properly.
  • Granite surface has a shiny surface and appears too beautiful. Its mere inclusion in the kitchen uplifts the looks.
  • Each slab of granite has some different pattern with respect to color texture, depth and distribution. You can compliment any hardware fixture, flooring or cabinet finishing.
  • It increases the home value.

Ways of Maintaining China Marble

China marble is used widely for flooring and external cladding. The marble material lends a lot of sophistication wherever it is used. The quality is timeless with natural resilience. Marble is a brittle material and so follow the maintenance tips:

  • Use a stand or mat below the hot pan, hot dishes or cookware.
  • Clean the spills over the marble immediately
  • Place mats below silver, China and ceramics
  • Do not use citrus acid to clean the surface


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