Natural stone tile flooring not only looks elegant but is also hardwearing and hygienic. Due to its classy appearance and for the myriad advantages stone tile flooring offers, it is the preferred flooring for both residential and business properties.

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Stone tiles look attractive and are hardwearing, hygienic and robust and hence it is a very popular material used for floor tiles in kitchens, conservatories, bathrooms, hallways, living areas in residential flats and offices.

The Advantages of Using Stone Tiles Flooring:

There are many practical advantages of paving stone tiled floors or using natural stone tiles throughout the house. Some of the advantages are:

  1. Longevity: A stone tiles floor is durable, hardwearing and lasts for years.
  2. Enhanced Property Value: Stone flooring looks sophisticated and has been popular from ancient times. Its rich look adds value to property and its popularity would never decrease.
  3. Unique: Each piece of stone floor tile is unique and has a special colour, veining and distinctive characteristics that make it desirable flooring that would always be in vogue and never go out of fashion.
  4. Innumerable Options: Those interested in stone flooring have the option of choosing from a wide variety as there is a multitude of type of stones, finishes and colours to choose from. Some of the popular stones are marble, slate, sandstone, granite, travertine and limestone.
  5. Helps In Cooling: A stone floor helps in keeping a home cool and hence is the preferred flooring for houses of tropical climates.
  6. Hygienic: It provides a floor that does not accumulate pet hairs, dust, skin etc and therefore is considered to be hygienic.
  7. Heating Covering: A natural stone floor is a good choice if anyone is considering the under floor heating. It is undoubtedly the good conductor of heat covering anyone can think of.
  8. Stain Resistant: Stone floors are not only hardy and durable but they are even resistant to staining, making it easy to maintain such floors.
  9. Easy Upkeep: Regular brushing with soft brush and mopping the tiles is enough for the maintenance and general upkeep of such floors. There are professional cleaners of stone tiles. Home owners can hire the services of such companies which help in rebuffing, deep cleaning and polishing and re-sealing service to remove scratches and maintain the grandeur and beauty of such flooring.

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