China Stone is known for shine, elegance and grace they carry. For interior and exterior home designing, natural Chinese stones are used profusely. Build beautiful walls, flooring, cladding, patios and retaining walls with the aesthetically appealing stones. Those that are natural stones are direct gift from Mother Earth. China Stones have beautiful colors, patterns and textures.

To add subtle elegance to the walls and tiles of the home, you must opt for Chinese stones. Marbles and granites were once used by only kings and emperors. But, with rapid industrialization and advent of modernism, now common people can also afford them.

When it comes to China Granite, it is used widely to create kitchen countertops. China offers very basic price structure and so most stones are imported from the country. It helps in maintaining the established lifestyles by offering competitively priced stones.

China Stone for Home D├ęcor

Granite and marble are used extensively in home designing projects. Stones are available in different patterns and colors and in fact they are engineered selectively to suit the interiors. China stones are used in different areas of the home depending on their specific properties, usage, durability, appeal, feasibility and cost effectiveness. For the making of home interiors, marble and granite are used too commonly. Marble is beautiful and versatile stone that may be used anywhere. Granite, on the other hand, is ingenious rock stone which is durable. The applications are specified below:

  • To give a touch of class and elegance to your home interior, choose the marble material for floors.
  • You can use marble to create fire places as it is fire resistant. You may incorporate marble in areas where there is fear of ignition.
  • Choose only marble material for bathroom floors.
  • Create wash basins with marble to boost the appearance of your property.
  • Create bathroom furniture and countertops with China Marble.
  • Make shower walls and vanity sets with China marbles

Uses of Granite

  • Create magnificent kitchen countertops with China granite.
  • It is a durable material which is not at all impacted by heat of the pans, if sealed.
  • You can make use granite for creating shelves, bar tops, countertops.
  • The material is scratch resistant and does not react with the house hold items


China stone can render a uniquely defined appearance to any home. Their specific usage in different portions of the house can deliver desired beauty and appeal. China stones are known for extreme durability and wow factor.