Granite slabs are an igneous rock that indicates it was once formed and molten when it deep cooled within earth. Minerals present within granite generally appear as minute flecks all through the stone, once developing a salt and pepper appearance.

The granite Stone slabs have veining that is same as that of marble. Granite stone is a hard and dense-grained stone, which can be polished or completed in a diverse of other ways. It is available in wide spectrum of colors. The granite stone slabs are the very popular natural stones available in the market. Marble Stone slab has both a commercial and scientific definition. The scientific marble was limestone once that acquired metamorphosis from high pressures as well as high temperatures within earth. This has changed its crystalline structure and launched other materials which produced the best veining and colors. Commercially, any stone that is able to take a polish is called as marble. This includes onyx, travertine, limestone and serpentine.

Granite monuments

Granite Monuments are essential required products for many retail businesses including cemeteries, monument companies and funeral homes. Customers are being offered with scale drawings of lettered and carved monuments as well as complete or scale size drawings of personalized etchings. Several fresh styles of grave markers and etching memorials are available. On importing granite of various colors from those which are available in the US and etching technology and new coloring, monuments are highly wonderful than ever.

The granite Monument stones are suitable for decorative purposes in paving slabs, walls and buildings. The stones offered can also be employed to carve out rock items and other sculptures. The range of monument stones is offered in custom designs, unrivaled beauty, dimensions and colors.

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