Options for solid surface bathroom vanity tops



Natural stone has many usages in the construction of a house and Natural stone vanity tops for bathrooms are just one of them. Bathroom counter-tops are prone to molds and mildew as it is close to water sources. A wooden top, in such circumstances, needs a lot of care and maintenance.

Therefore, it is best to look for natural stone vanity tops products, which are resistant to the above-mentioned organisms. The natural stone surfaces are nonporous and hypo allergic in nature, which eliminates any medium of growth of these organisms.  Apart from this, the countertops are resistant to staining, chipping and cracking. They can also be maintained easily. All that is to be done is spray a little water and wipe it with a towel.

An Array of Options

Solid surface bathroom tops are of the following types:

  • Corian
  • Wilsonart’s Gibraltar
  • Avonite
  • Quartz Composite

Made of either 100% Acrylic or100% polyester, the above-mentioned materials are also made in Acrlic-Poly combinations.

This makes them highly resistant to stains and scratches. In fact, burns and scratches can be evened out with a sand paper. Solid surface tops also come in various colours and have the finishing like that of natural stone.

Quartz composite, meanwhile, is a new variant, which is also known as engineered stone. Composed of epoxy binder (90% quartz and 10% acrylic), this is much harder than the other solid surface variants. It also has depth, radiance and clarity that are not found in other solid surface bathroom tops.

Although quartz composite is expensive than other conventional bathroom countertops, it assures of durability and a lasting finish.

Xiamen Quality Stone Co. Ltd was established in the year 2000 and has since become a pioneer in the export and import of natural stone vanity tops in China and all over the world. The company also deals with china marble, stone tiles, granite etc.


List of Options of Kitchen Countertops




Do you want to shop kitchen countertops? Well, in this case you have to make a proper market survey. Only those countertops are to be chosen that have got the highest flexibility as well as acute versatility.

 Kitchen counter top can be of varied types these days and you should choose the most popular options. In this respect, it is better choosing only natural stones so that longevity can be ensured.

Granite countertop can be of varied types these days and you should choose the most popular options. In this respect, it is better choosing only natural stones so that longevity can be ensured.

What Are the Best Options of Kitchen Countertops?

  • Concrete countertop is quite cost-effective but cannot serve luxurious purposes. This countertop is durable but you have to maintain the same in a proper way. This countertop is comparatively lighter and thus it can be easily installed than any other traditional ones.
  • Marble countertop is one of the most popular options of the era and it has got a great demand in the market. Marbles are elegant materials and thus they represent elite surfaces.
  • Granite countertop is only suitable for elegant and luxurious kitchen spaces. This option is a bit expensive and thus not everybody can afford the same all the time. This countertop has got amazing strength and power.
  • Tile countertop is also very much popular and you can choose the same in case you are intending to get a great combination of both durability and aesthetic appeal. Tiles are quite versatile and this is why you can make optimum utilisation of the same.
  • There are many eco-friendly or reclaimed stones that can be used for creating kitchen countertop.

Xiamen quality stone Co. ltd caters you the chance to shop kitchen countertops of your own wish. The above options will definitely help you to understand the actual type that can make your purpose served. The company representatives can also cater greater assistance to you in this regard.

How to Make Your Kitchen Decorative with China Granite?

Granite countertops create a huge impression and this is the reason they are chosen as the best option. Bring the most exclusively designed China stone in order to create a unique impression. This stones has got polished surface and thus you can easily clean it without facing any kind of troubles or hassles. Checking out the available shades is a great necessity. Some of the most prominent shades are crystallo white, China red, butterfly blue, blue star and others.

Decorate Your Kitchen with China Granite

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen this year, then nothing can be the best way other than using specialised countertops made with China granite. Granite countertops are extremely appealing and glorious in nature, as a result of which overall aesthetic value of your kitchen can be boosted up to a great extent.

Different kinds of China stone can be required for making these countertops. You can check out the list in order to choose the most colourful ones. Only bright colours are to e chosen in this regard so that the decorative look of your kitchen can be enhanced. These countertops require lower maintenance as a result of which you can save a great deal of money.

Since these stones are of natural minerals, therefore the countertops are considered as eco-friendly. Granite countertops are of extremely high-quality and thus they can be used in the long run. They have got acute durability and this is the reason that the manufacturer also caters a long term warranty.

Now, you have come to know about the leading features of granite countertops of kitchens. The current survey says that Xiamen Quality Stone Company Ltd is now dealing with the most durable and superior quality China granite. You can even make bulk purchase of this granite from the company and that too at a legitimate rate.


What is a China MarbUntitledle and How Do You Maintain One?


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Cornwall in the United Kingdom is home to the natural chinUntitleda stone —a granite that consists of materials such as feldspar, mica, and quartz. Alternatively known as Cornwall stone or Cornish stone, China stones are often confused for petuntse stones, which are similar but distinctly different at the same time.

China stones are bought and sold at extravagant prices throughout the world. But in order to do justice to the money spent, a lot of marble maintenance is required. Here’s how you can make the luster of your China marble suppliers last for a long time.

Mending Chipped Marbles

A chip in a marble is a common occurrence, but often diminishes the marble’s beauty. The best way to avoid chipping is through blunting the marble’s top edge. Chipped marbles are also known to spoil the condition of surrounding materials, often allowing for the growth of unwanted content.

Ensuring Durability

If your China stone is to be in fine health in a few years from now, you need to take a few measures. Keeping the stone in a moist place is a strict no-no. They should also be kept away from areas which experience heavy traffic and movement.

Leveling During Fixing

You would want your marble to be leveled perfectly before you start fixing it. Marble owners who don’t take this precaution often end up with cracked marbles.

Biggest Isn’t Best

A large marble may be a thing to be proud of, but keeping one requires additional investment on appropriate reinforcement. 4 sq. ft. is generally considered as the upper limit in terms of the marble’s size.

Keep the Coffee Away

Coffee or tea, when spilled, spells bad news for marbles. China stones and other similar soft stones are quick to absorb spilled beverages, the stains of which are difficult to remove.

Xiamen Quality Stone Co., Ltd., is a reputed name for natural stone products in China. Based in the Fujian province, Xiamen Quality Stone Co., Ltd., has been in operation for more than a decade, and offers competitive prices to buyers.

China Stones and Their Applications



Natural stone products such as China stone and different forms of stone slabs have varied applications in constructionStone tileson. Use of natural stones can be found and different forms of stone slabs have varied in showpieces, kitchen slabs, homes and factories etc.

While construction of building is undertaken, fittings in bathrooms, flooring designs and even interior decoration, artifacts etc. cannot be completed without the usage of these natural stones. Stone slabs can be made of marble or even granite and can be used in various areas like kitchen, bathrooms, washing area, living rooms or even outdoors.

China stone is commonly found in the area of Cornwall in the United Kingdom. It is a medium grained natural stone that is feldspar rich in nature and is a partially Kaolinite granite. This stone is also characterized by an absence of iron bearing minerals. The mineral content of this stone also includes quartz and mica in addition to feldspar. This is the only feldspathic material that is being extracted commercially. However one should not confuse the same with ‘petuntse’ which looks similar to China Stone.

China stone slabs are available in different sizes; however the most available cut size pieces are 10, 100 and 500 square meters. Many people also buy carved stone garden sculpture made of China stone. The spotless white color and fine texture makes it stand out compared to other varieties of natural stone slabs.

Xiamen Quality Stone Company Limited, based in Fujian, China was established in 2000. It exports some of the best quality natural stone products such as China Black, Shanxi Black and Lava Stone. The company offers a selection of different stones that are sourced from various parts of the world such as Europe, USA and China.

Using The Best China Stone For Remodeling Your Home


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If you are planning to renovate your home, you might give emphasis on the material used for different purposes. Be it slabs, countertops or sinks, you might be particularly concerned about the material used for them. If you want to get the best material with both aesthetic appeal and durability, it is time to opt for China stone. These stones are again available in a wide range of varieties, and you can expect to get them in different features and characteristics. You can even find them in different colors. Consequently, you can select from any of these options that best suit your taste, requirements and your budget.

Getting From A Reliable Dealer

Regardless of the nature of stone you get, it is crucial to make sure that you get them from a reliable and reputed dealer. This is important in order to make sure that you get the best quality of stones. In addition to that, you should check out the rates charged by the dealer. If possible, you can compare the rates of the China stone from different dealers. This in turn will help you to get an idea of the best option. Thus, you can get them in desired quantities to remodel your home.

Exploring Endless Possibilities


In fact, if you install Stone slabs, you will find endless possibilities of using them. You can not only use them as kitchen countertops, but also as bathroom vanities. Apart from that, you can even make it as a table top or in the shower cubicle. Many people even use these slabs in their outdoor kitchens. Considering the endless options available from these slabs, you should make effort in selecting the right material. This will certainly help in serving your purpose in the best way. It will not only turn out to be functional, but also will enhance the overall décor of your home. This can indeed be excellent.

China stone and Stone slabs sell for stone


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Constructions made out of granite are often durable and attractive. China Stone happens to be one of the best materials used for construction in today’s world. It has taken the market by storm and is now chosen as an alternative for granite quarried from other parts of the world. Since the resource is unique, you can always use it to install vanity tops in your kitchen. Apart from this, on being attractive, it can be ordered for flooring and decorating your fireplace today. Selecting the right type of granite design for your house is necessary. This would not just add sophistication but will also enhance the appearance of the room it is set in.

Tips To Buy Striking Granite

Selecting the right Chinese granite for building up monuments of your choice requires dire attention. A few tips can be used as guide to take the right decision. Ensure looking for micro-cracks in the material placed before you. A monument with crack is likely to break within days. Look for an appropriate design that would complement the structure of the construction. Measure the thickness of the slab required to erect the building. Check for joints to ensure that no cracks are caused while the construction carries on. Choose a supplier who can provide you with deals that can help you buy the stock within an affordable range.

Selecting Chinese Granite Selling Companies

While selecting a company that can provide you with the best granite to build up monuments, you ought to pay attention to a few rules. The first step required is collecting the names of all top companies supplying granite. Ensure segregating companies selling Chinese granite from non-sellers. Find out the rate at which the granite is often sold and whether the firm is one that usually offers discounts. Have a look at the rate chart before taking a decision. In case of queries and concerns do not hesitate on talking to the manager of the firm.

Creative Ways To Use Granite

Apart from building monuments, it would be vital for you to know the various items that can be constructed or repaired by Chinese granite. Since granite is colorful and attractive, you can always make use of the material as a countertop for a coffee table. In comparison to marble, tombstones made out of granite can make the grave look new for generations. You can use it as a mantle but you can always choose to build up a post made out of granite outside your house to add style and bring about elegance to the traditional look of your home.

Reff By:- https://medium.com/@Xiamenstones/add-grace-to-your-home-with-china-granite-today-ab0fce3331ac#.8ogvbkh7j


Natural Product of Stone slabs and paving



Stones are now used for various purposes from floorings to driveways. The Paving stone is a special quality stone. It is used to pave walkways and pavements. It has some unique features like strength and antiskid property. Another specialty of paving stone is that it needs practically no maintenance. From the nature itself it is obvious that it will remain exposed to the Sun and rain and maintain the original color. You can get these Stone slabs online from different retailer and wholesalers and also direct from the establishments with the large quarry.

Enhance the look

The stone adds décor to the pavement and, therefore, has high demand worldwide. The different civic bodies and also the home owners are now using the Paving stone to design their roads and driveways. The leading suppliers are now procuring these stones and supplying to the consumers. It’s a better alternative than concrete and the bricks are used in paving. If you have a large area to do the paving, you can get it directly from the online manufacturer but you have to specify the quantity. If you are in doubt then contact the manufacturer and determine your area and get the quote. It is better to add a little extra to cover wastage and future replacements.

Locating the wholesaler

The manufacturers are now sourcing the products and in most of cases, it is directly shipped from the quarry. It saves a lot of transport cost, and the end price is much lower. You can get typical slabs known as Stone slabs. It is a high mica low iron type stone and quarried in different parts of the world and has good demand in the market. You can now order these stones and many others online. If you need stones or marbles or slates and other similar products for your project, then search different online wholesalers and short list. Target those wholesalers who have their quarry to minimize the cost. Pave your dream project in style.

Reference By: – http://xiamenmarblegranite.tumblr.com/post/138146603779/change-thelook-of-patio-with-quality-stone-slabs

China Granite, China Marble factory and Suppliers on xiamenmarblegranite

Your home will get a royal look as you decide to use China Marble for flooring. If you have refined taste, then you would love to make the stairs in your house with marble. A washbasin made of marble if placed inside the washroom will render a rich look to it. It is advisable that you buy it from reputed and reliable manufacturer for the best quality marble or any natural stone products. You will find a wide variety of products manufactured and exported by the top professional manufacturer. So choose the product of your requirement and refurbish your home.

Variety of product available

The supreme China stone product exporter and producer manufacture a variety of natural stone products. You will find a variety of natural stones such as slate, granite, basalt, sandstone, etc. Innumerable products are given shape using these natural stones. The kitchen is the most favorite place of many women. If your ladylove also has penchant for the cooking place, then redecorate the kitchen by replacing all wooden products with natural stone. Buy a countertop made of marble and bring it to your kitchen. A premium manufacturer of marble takes good care in shipping their product to the doorstep of customers.

Price of the stone products

When an individual thinks of buying China Marble, the very first thing that they feel is they might have to spend a huge amount for buying the product. But when the buyers connect with the manufacturer, they get the product at affordable price. The reason is that they are getting the scope of communicating with the manufacturer directly that enables them to get any natural stone product at reasonable price. Premium natural stone exporter provides the quality product to their customers and delivery is given within in time. The finishing of the products is outstanding.

Read reviews for satisfaction

As a customer, you might feel whether your chosen manufacturer of China Granite is giving you quality product or not. To clear off your doubts, all you can do is read the testimonials of satisfied customers on their website. If you do not get satisfaction reading the reviews, you can do a comprehensive search for the right manufacturer whom you can trust completely. It is believed that top exporter and manufacturer always maintain the quality of their product. So you can stay assured that you will get the best product made with the stone of your choice when you come to terms with the finest professional manufacturer.

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Get Intricately Designed China Marble Slabs From Top Manufacturers


With the availability of some of the most exquisite natural stone slabs, present-day homeowners have a gamut of choices while selecting products for their home flooring needs. Especially, when it boils down to imparting a never-seen-before appearance to your kitchen and bathrooms, you look for the most distinguished materials. The China Marble happens to be one such highly sought-after residential construction material. There is no denying the importance of your home construction project. Therefore, you must settle for nothing other than the top quality products. And only the best manufacturers and suppliers of the market can offer you the product of your choice.

China Granite slabs

Diverse assortment of colors

Another important material that finds widespread application in residential and commercial home construction is the China Granite slabs. Thanks to their high strength and unique appearance that helps them rank amongst the perfect construction materials. But, there are several aspects worth considering while purchasing them. Choosing the right color happens to be an important task, in this context. Plan your purchase with the market-leaders and you will surely gain access to a complete inventory of colorful granite slabs. There are bright shades of blue, red and green, which might even complement your home paints. Or you can also opt for onyx and yellow if you wish your home to exude certain warmth.

Appropriate for every home area

China Marble

As stated earlier, China Marble can completely transform the appearance of your home floors from boring to beautiful. However, there is a condition, in this regard. Your marble slabs must come from the none other than the leading suppliers of the market as they will offer the strongest products to you. Moreover, you can use these stone slabs at any place you wish to. Be it your kitchen countertops, washbasins or stairs; these marble slabs will be the perfect choice for every single destination. And you will also get them at affordable rates from the top manufacturers in the market.

Read more info: – http://www.xiamenmarblegranite.com/products.asp?sid=43&bid=2